Harvest Trade Resources

Harvest is an exciting time of year, and it’s a great time to connect with consumers about the hand-crafted, quality nature of Napa Valley wines. Visit the Napa Valley harvest website often to pick up stories from this year’s harvest and quotes from winemakers you can share via email newsletters. Play the slideshow in your store to share the magic of the harvest season. Or host a class about the harvest process. If there are additional resources we can provide you, please contact , Trade Marketing Manager.

Napa Valley Harvest Tool Kit

Every Vintage Tells a Story

PowerPoint presentation about the stages of harvest.

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Harvest Slideshow

Harvest facts and details shared via a slideshow for in-store TVs.

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Napa Valley Harvest Website

Follow harvest as it unfolds in Napa Valley. Featuring stories, photos, videos, recipes and travel itineraries.

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Napa Valley AVA Resources

Information about the Napa Valley appellation.

Napa Valley Fast Facts