What is in store for the 2020 vintage?

Cade winery open in Napa Valley

Given the wildfires in Napa this year, there has been much talk about the 2020 vintage. As we have done for over 150 years, Napa Valley will persevere, and our winemakers will continue to make world-class wines. We’ve got grit and we’re facing every challenge 2020 is throwing our way and making the best of it.

To be clear, the 2020 vintage is not lost. This has been a challenging vintage to be sure, but our winemakers are hard at work, and as of now 80% of our wineries are moving forward with the vintage. Rest assured that our winemakers vision to produce world class wine is unwavering, and only wine worthy of having Napa Valley on the label will make it into the bottle.

Our wineries are open for business. The valley is safe. We welcome you to come join us. The above photo is the view from CADE Winery. Don’t you wish you were there right now?