A Moment in Time

By Saturday, all that we’ve been working with at harvest was put in perspective as the Valley Fire blew up to the northeast in Lake County. The human side of our business is especially important at a time like this and seeing our friends and neighbors in crisis reminds us of what really matters. I’m happy to say that all of our people are safe and despite the loss that some have experienced, continuing harvest and focusing on what we need to accomplish has been a unifying force.”
Matt Crafton, Winemaker, Chateau Montelena

And so, harvest continues, having really kicked in with last week’s hot temperatures. Everyone is grateful for cooler temperatures this week, to give both people and grapes a breather. A spot of rain mid-week would be most welcome to lightly hydrate and settle dust, while concentrated flavors continue to develop. Almost all of the white grapes have been pressed and are starting fermentation, with most Pinot Noir having been brought in. Waves of Merlot and Malbec continue to make their way from vineyard to crush pad and we’re well into the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest, especially hillside fruit, in some areas of Napa Valley.