Moment to Reflect

Weeks have come and gone, and the close of this year’s harvest is upon us. The usual cheering, end of harvest get-togethers and general excitement have been replaced with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The recent wildfires came right as harvest was wrapping up for many in the valley, with an estimated 90% of the grapes already in. This year’s harvest has tested every winemaker’s quick thinking, thanks to the ups and downs that Mother Nature has thrown their way. Even with everything that has happened, this year’s vintage is going to be excellent. While the celebrating might not happen today, this week or even next month, our sense of community and love for each other will shine. As we start to pick up the pieces, we will all share a glass of wine and be thankful for what we have. Jon Ruel from Trefethen Vineyards may have said it best: “We know that the Napa community is resilient and we will support each other as we move forward together.”

If you would like to support the Napa Valley community during this challenging time, you can donate to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund or enjoy a glass or bottle Napa Valley wine wherever you are. Even better: come visit us sometime, taste early samples from the 2017 vintage and experience the bounty and beauty that still remains in the place we are so grateful to call home.