Mother Nature Keeping Us On Our Toes

From record-breaking heat to drizzly summer days, this year’s harvest is keeping our winemakers busy. Throughout the valley, temperatures soared well over 100 degrees for multiple days causing a flurry of activity in the vineyards. As of now most white wine grapes have been picked, and many producers are expecting red grapes in the coming days. If you had asked our winemakers back in May if they thought they would have their white wine harvest completed before Labor Day, they surely would have laughed. Most thought the timing of this year’s harvest would be “normal” and it has been anything but. However, it looks like there is a slow down on the horizon with cooler weather headed our way, a welcome change for all. The silver lining to the busy nights and endless days of work is that this year’s crop size is normal and quality is excellent across the board.