Day 2 of wildfire watch.

Here’s the latest from #NapaValley:

Currently, the valley and towns inside the valley are safe. The valley floor remains untouched. The #HennesseyFire, which started in the mountains near #LakeHennessey, continued to move east on Monday and Tuesday, sparing the valley floor while putting some of our mountain vineyards in the east in danger. The latest reports indicate that, while some houses have been lost, our mountain wineries in the eastern hills are safe for now.

Unfortunately, the fire moving east is not good for our neighbors in #SolanoCounty (and #Vacaville specifically). Many people who work in #Napa live in the Vacaville/Solano area and our concern now is with their safety.

Again, the overwhelmed first responders, volunteers and fire crews who are still working non-stop to ensure the safety of our community – and those around us – is awe-inspiring. We thank each one of them for their incredible effort.

This photo is from #oakknoll from around noon today looking north-ish.