Reds Racing Toward Ripeness

Under the glow of the harvest moon, it’s been a busy week of wine grape picking in the Napa Valley. Nearly all the white grapes have been brought in, pressed and put in tanks and now the reds are beginning to overflow in macrobins. Merlot, Zinfandel and Syrah are being harvested in a serious way, and Napa Valley’s signature Cabernet Sauvignons are reaching perfect ripeness and are being picked. With one of the earliest harvests in recent memory, vintners are noting exceptional flavor profiles and vintage potential.

The weather has been fantastic, with warm days reaching into the 90’s, but cooling down to the mid-50s at night. The crazy pace of full-on harvest is starting to hit its fast-paced stride. Tank space will soon be at a premium!


As you sleep under the 2014 harvest moon, we will be night picking Cabernet Sauvignon. Flavors are superb, so why wait?

Kevin Morrissey, Ehlers Estate