Harvest Fieldnotes — Harvest Huddle

Harvest Huddle with Doug Hill

Doug Hill brought us up the mountain (even though you can’t see it) to introduce us to his crew picking Malbec grapes deep into the night. Night Harvesting is easier on the crew, ensures nice cool fruit coming into the winery, and is a really interesting thing to watch.

Harvest Huddle with Stephanie Jacobs

For our third “Harvest Huddle” video, we headed inside to see what goes on in the winery during harvest. Winemaker Stephanie Jacobs of Cakebread Cellars discusses fermenting “on lees” and what that adds to her Chardonnay. The winemakers of Napa are constantly walking their fruit through the stages of becoming wine, even if that means hand stirring barrels multiple times before they go into bottle.

Harvest Huddle with Matt Crafton

In the second of our “Harvest Huddle” video series, Winemaker Matt Crafton dishes the dirt on the dirt. The soils in Napa Valley are so diverse, they offer winemakers different taste profiles. This allows them to blend as needed to achieve the quality and taste they are aiming for.

Harvest Huddle with Doug Shafer

Harvest is all about deciding the perfect time to pick the grapes. And what influences that decision? That little thing to the south of us called San Francisco Bay. Doug Shafer of Shafer Vineyards talks about the bay’s influence on harvest in the first of our “Harvest Huddle” videos.