The Pace is Smooth and Steady

Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon were harvested in Napa Valley this week and other white varieties, including Chardonnay, are softening toward ripeness as we head into the second half of the month. Cooler temperatures overall are keeping harvest at a steady pace for now, but the somewhat warmer days predicted for the week ahead ought to encourage a tempo uptick.

Lighter reds including Pinot Noir have finished veraison and may find their way into bins by early to mid-September. Cabs and other darker reds are luxuriating in the moderately warm days and fog-touched mornings and will likely be ready for picking in some areas by the middle of next month.

Throughout Napa Valley, flavor complexity in grapes of all varieties is capturing the imagination of winemakers as they begin to sense the potential of this growing season. Moderation seems to be a theme this week: moderate to above average crop size, moderating temperatures keeping sugars and acids in balance and moderate picking activity.


The pleasant warm weather continues to be ideal for grape ripening. Things are shaping up nicely for a great harvest season.

Mary Hodgkins, Flora Springs Winery