Warm Days, Cool Nights

The marine layer lingering through most mornings has allowed vintners to bring in fruit with optimal flavors and sugars while providing a wider picking window. Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and patches of Muscat crossed the weigh scales at a steady pace this week. A smattering of Chardonnay has now begun to find its way to the crush pad. The very earliest Pinot Noirs are starting to be picked, with reports of Merlot being harvested within the next week.

This extra “hang time” that the cooler weather makes possible is coveted by winemakers, providing the gradual development of sugars and the much-desired retention of acidity, weaving together a sense of balance in the bottle that speaks of a great vintage in the making.


We have reveled in the relatively cool weather, allowing the grapes to develop beautiful flavors as they ripen.

Matt Reid, Winemaker, Benessere Vineyards