What does Napa Valley know about making the best wines in the world?

What do we know to be true about making the best wines in the world?

Here, in Napa Valley, we know that the fertile soil of our valley and Mediterranean climate of the Bay Area have given us the perfect location to grow great wine grapes. We know the warm afternoons and the cool evenings provide the perfect growing seasons. We know that the afternoon winds are just as important to the quality of the grapes, as our foggy mornings.

We also know that great wine is crafted in the cellar at the hands of its skilled educated winemakers who study the craft and balance tradition with a cutting-edge drive for excellence. That balancing time-tasted methods with technology results in a superior wine.

We also know that, if you are in Napa Valley to make wine, you are part of a passionate community that understands the importance of camaraderie and creativity. We know that friendship gets tractors fixed and that mentors provide a lifetime of advice.

We know that the valley wakes up every morning with the goal of making this year’s vintage, the best ever. We are a valley full of farmers, vintners, winemakers, vineyard workers and hospitality workers all working toward one goal: to create wines of the highest quality, cultivated with excellence in one of the world’s most extraordinary places.

We know this is true because, in Napa Valley, we do it every day.