White Wine is Divine

The pace is picking up, with a variety of Napa Valley white wine grapes now hitting the crush pad: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Pinot Grigio and even some Chardonnay. Winemaking crews are getting busier, but they are happy and smiling because the quality of this year’s harvest is truly exceptional so far. Yields are also looking good – not record breaking, but definitely more abundant that last year’s light crop. Bright lights can be seen overnight, up and down the valley, as vineyard crews pick grapes during this coolest part of the day. There are many benefits to picking at night: more comfortable conditions for workers, grapes arrive at proper temperature to begin fermentation (ideally around 55 degrees) and wineries save energy because the grapes don’t need to be chilled before they are crushed. Photos courtesy of Bob McClenahan.