Winemaking Terms


The sweetening of flavors, softening of the berries and the color change of grapes on the vine, indicating the onset of ripening.

The scale winemakers use to measure sugar quantity in grape berries or juice. Winemakers use Brix as one way to determine ripeness.

Extracted from grape seeds and skins, tannins taste astringent or chalky and add body and structure to wine.

Moving wine from one vessel to another. Racking filters wine by separating it from the lees (particles that settle after fermentation).

Pump overs
The mixing of tanks by pumping wine up from the bottom to submerge the floating skin cap, increasing flavor and color in red wines.

Punch downs
Pump overs’ cousin, punch downs push the skin cap down from the top.

Hot bining
Perhaps our favorite harvest term. Filling a half-ton grape bin full of hot water for soaking.