Veraison is upon Napa Valley!

Verasion - Napa Valley Harvest 2020

These photos from Harvest 2020 come to us from the good winery folks at Lang & Reed Wine Company. They were taken at from Sugarloaf Vineyard in Los Carneros. This is Bock 9, which is Cabernet Franc – Clone 214

Here’s an update from John Skupny:

“From bloom to harvest is usually around 120 days… In 2019, Lang & Reed harvested on October 8th. With that in mind and knowing bloom was late May/early June this spring – we are very close to halfway there. This is a clear picture (below) of the beginning of ‘Veraison’ which is the color change of the grape.

This vineyard is a little behind many other vineyards in Napa, as it is located in the very southeastern corner of Napa Valley. The temperatures in Sugerloaf Vineyard are moderated by the cooling effects of San Francisco Bay. The daily mid-afternoon difference, in temperature, between Sugarloaf and St. Helena (mid-Napa Valley) is between as high as 15 degrees.

Thus far the growing season of 2020 looks pretty nice.”